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Leicester Web Hosting; Low cost cheap web hosting and web site designs for individual and company needs. We provide unlimited bandwidth and hosting at low cost, we provide 24/7 phone assistance, no automated messages or answer machines you reach one of us. All of our customers have top page rankings on Google, Yahoo, Msn and all the major search engines. All websites can be controlled from your Iphone.

Leicester Computer repairs in and around the Leicester area. WkdWebs also offer computer repairs and call outs 24/7 at competitive rates. Most repairs can be done in your own home without the need for your computer to be taken away. Just email us and we will contact you.

Hard drive recovery; Catastrophic failure of your hard drive. If you have important information that you need recovering from a dead hard drive or have inadvertently deleted important work , then we may be able to recover it for you. We may also be able to repair your damaged hard drive.

Custom built computers, Wkdwebs also build computers to your needs at a far lower cost than you can buy from the major computer stores, we liaise with you on what you need and advise you the best solution AMD or INTEL.

Website video encoding, if you need high quality video content in your web site then look no further. We can encode and edit your video in many formats for website display. We have done many videos for The Punk band The Glory (aka Clockwork Soldiers), and recently for American Dream Cars for their new limousine the H2 Hummer

Computer running slow and things start happening you don't expect, you probably have a virus or some spy ware hijacking software. We can come out and clean your computer in your own home and soon get you back up and running.

Disclaimer: This is my personal hobby site, it is not and never has been an IT business or anything of that kind. It is purely for my personal use and testing of codes and links. A Dawson

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